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Please get in touch if you have a space in mind & would like an interior or exterior mural

Painted Mural for Schools with visiting artist May Summers-Perkins.

May will work with a select bunch of students to create a plan for decorating a wall space in

the school. This may be specific to a certain theme or the core values/ words of the school.

This will then be drawn out on to the wall and the students and May will paint a

masterpiece. Mural can be on an Internal or external wall.

(Or wooden panels that can be fixed to create a wall space.)

Excellent opportunity for mindfulness, students interacting with art and seeing their designs

come to life and visual impact in the school. Promoting positive mental health.

Fantastic for sprucing up a dull corridor and motivating students when they see it. Students

perform better in a positive environment.

Get in touch today to discuss.

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